Forced Induction

Single turbo, Air-to-Water intercooler

Exhaust Design

The Renn27 conversion adapts a single turbocharger with an external wastegate, and an air to water intercooler to the 2.7t. This configuration was chosen because of its simplicity and reliability. 

One of the cruxes of the original 2.7t engine in the Audi platform was its somewhat complicated twin turbo system. Access to many components including turbochargers an Audi platform requires a full engine pull. 

With our single turbo design in a 911 the turbo can be changed out in less than an hour!

Turbo Selection

Our design uses a Precision Turbo 58/58 rated for 620hp. To maintain a balance with the car and driveline components our tune for the motor is conservatively set to 450hp for a stock motor. 

We strongly feel this figure is the perfect blend of drivability, trackability, reliability, and cost/hp. More power can always be unlocked with upgraded connecting rods, upgraded heads, bigger turbo, and upgraded driveline components. 


We chose an air to water intercooler because of the rear engine airflow dynamics of the 911. An air to water unit allows us to use  a smaller core which is mounted within the engine bay. The tank and pump are mounted within the engine bay. The heat exchanger is mounted in place of the driver side muffler, where it can collect enough airflow behind the drivers side rear tire.