Full functionality. No cut wires.


By the 996 generation Porsche was owned by VW and shared engineering and a parts bin alongside Audi. One major benefit to this shared engineering is the electrical systems, and their compatibility. Both the M96/M97 and the Audi 2.7t use Bosch Me7. This means the 2.7t engine and car can seamlessly integrate. 

One key difference between the two brands is that the Audi's engine harness incorporates the Bosch Me7 ECU directly. This is unlike on the Porsches where the DME is incorporated into the body harness. 

Engine Management, Custom DME Hardware, Adaptor Harness

In our design engine management is handled natively by the 2.7t ECU.  

We replace and supplement the Porsche DME's non-engine control functions with our software running through our DME replacement hardware.

To integrate the engine with the chassis we use an adaptor harness which utilizes the two factory round connectors in the engine bay. 

Everything is retained with our design; tachometer, oil pressure gauge, accelerator pedal, logic based fan control, Air conditioning, PSM, ABS, and even cruise control, all without having to cut a single wire!