Are you able to retain Air Conditioning?

  • Yes air conditioning will work with the factory controls. The condenser fan will function as normal when A/C is requested.

Are the spark plugs and coil packs accessible in-situ?

  • Yes, although they are mostly blind, they can be accessed.

Is the kit designed around any specific drivetrain?

  • Our initial design supports all 2000 to 2004 C2, C4, C4s, and Cabrio's

I have a 1999, is that supported?

  • We would not recommend the 1999 model year at this time, the electrical design is very different. At minimum, the cable actuated throttle will need to be converted.

Is the 996 manual transmission geared well for the 2.7t?

  • Yes, the gear ratio on the G96 is very similar to the Audi 01e manual transmission which served the 2.7t in both the S4 and the A6.