Complete Package

Full Integration: 450hp 2.7t



  • Mounting and Brackets: Transmission Spacer, Front Engine Mount, Suspension Cross-Brace

  • Electrical: DME replacement microcontroller, Engine to chassis adaptor harness

  • Clutch and Flywheel: Lightweight aluminum flywheel, Disc and Hardware, Slave Cylinder Extension

  • Turbo and Exhaust: Precision Turbo 58/58, Tial Wastegate, Exhaust Manifolds, Crosspipe, Downpipe, Muffler, Tailpipe

  • Intake, Sensors, and Tune: Intake Pipe, Charge Pipe, Water to Air Intercooler, 85mm MAF housing, EV14 Injectors, 4 bar MAP sensor, supporting ECU Tune

  • MISC: Supporting Tubing and Hoses (Oil, Coolant, Power Steering, Vacuum), Oil Pressure Switch Adaptor, Air Filter, Electric Water Pump (for Intercooler), Power Steering Reservoir

*introductory pricing