Audi V6 2.7 Bi-Turbo


The Audi turbocharged 2.7l V6 motor is a classic appearing in the RS4, S4 and the A6 in the late nineties and early aughts. It has become a legend in Audi performance. When compared to the M96/M97 Porsche motor the 2.7t outperforms in many ways.


  • The M96/M97 is an aluminum block engine, prone to problems with cylinder scoring. Due to its boxer nature, after sitting for some time, oil tends to pool down to the lowest point within the cylinder. The upper portion of the piston rings can become starved for oil momentarily during cold starts and create gouges in the cylinder walls. This is becoming increasingly prevalent in colder climate cars.

  • The 2.7t is an iron block that is extremely durable and resistant to scoring or other damage. It is common to observe factory cross hatching in cylinder bores in 250k mile examples.


  • The M96/M97 engine has a timing chain that can be problematic, particularly the IMS bearing which can fail and cause major engine damage if not addressed.

  • The 2.7t engine has a timing belt that is easily serviceable and not prone to failure when installed properly.

Size and Weight

The 2.7t is 50lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter in length than the M96/M97 contributing to a lighter curb weight and better weight distribution.


  • An M96 replacement can cost upwards of $7,000 for a used unit with the same inherent problems. Alternatively one can rebuild the failed motor for about the same expense. There is no cheap option when dealing with these motors.

  • The 2.7t is readily available and typically can be had for $1,200 or less! This is a major reduction in ownership liability that can translate directly to track day confidence.


  • The M96 variant of boxer engine is rated between 296hp and 260 ft/lbs up to 315hp and 270 ft/lbs. Metzger engines like the GT3 will turn out 355hp and 270 ft/lbs, and Turbo models will make 415hp and 410 ft/lbs., with special variants like the Turbo S and GT2 making 444hp and 476hp respectively.

  • Our Renn27 kit is conservatively making 450hp and 400 ft/lb of torque from a 2.7t. This puts it contention with the highest level of any 996 engine ever produced in stock form.

LS Based Motor

  • Although similar in total weight to the 2.7t, an aluminum block LS engine is much longer negating any weight savings due to its placement in the car.

  • Unlike the LS option, the 2.7t oil pan comes baffled from the factory.

  • The 2.7t is much more compact and well suited for for the tight bay space in the 911.